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Costs to participate in the game are €25,– for players and €12,50 for umpires. You can enlist individually or as a group. The Military Army Command teams will be French, Prussian, Swedish, Russian, English and German States. There will be one French and one Allied High Command team. The size of the political/diplomatic teams will vary.

Read Master of Europe IV for more information on the game.

Registration form

<form> Action mail thanks “Thanks for registering for this game. We will contact you through email.”

Fieldset “Your information” Textbox “Name” textarea “Your Postal Address” Email “Your E-Mail Address”

fieldset “Your role” select “Select a Role” “No preference|Umpire|Head of State/Diplomat|Military High Command|Military Army Command” select “Select a Nationality” “No preference|French|Prussian|Austrian|Swedish|Russian|English|German states” Textbox “Team name” ! textarea “Other information” ! submit “Register”


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