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Urr Updates

No updates yet, but undoubtably you might have questions that are not yet answered by the game handbook. Remember that you will get team briefings and some of you also personal briefings as well, but they are of course only intended for your team or you personally.

If you have general questions about the Urr megagame and feel we ought to be apprised immediately, contact us.

Discovering the Army of the Prince of Darkness

There are rumors from trade caravans. The last few rumors mention recruiting of merchants.

Urr is guarding it's borders and expects to discover those army's at least one week in advance.

Stacking limit

The stacking limit is depended on the area:

  • Open: 8
  • Closed (Urr, Wall, Woods): 4
  • Rough mountains (Upper part mount central heating): 2
  • Tunnels: 1
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