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Master of Europe IV: the campaign in Germany 1813

by Brian Cameron and Jim Wallman
Activiteitencentrum Doddendaal, Nijmegen, 22 June 2013
Battle of Leipzig 1813


This game is about the battle for the mastery of Europe in 1813. It is in fact, two different games merged into one:

First there is a high level political game, involving heads of state and diplomats. Players in this part of the game will find themselves using their diplomatic and negotiating skills at the forefront, attempting to get the best political position for their country, both in the current situation and for the future. There may be peace ahead - but what shape will it take? And Napoleon?…what about Napoleon?

Secondly, linked to this, is a detailed campaigning game involving the manoeuvring of armies by generals and their staffs. The game for these players will be about manoever and the operational art - conducted on maps and covering many weeks of operations. Finding the enemy, divining his intentions and deploying to counter them is the key to successful gameplay as military team.

The issues of coalition warfare are to the forefront of the Allies' problems - the French, on the other hand have to struggle for survival against a numerically superior Allied army.

Player teams represent Heads of State and their staffs, Army Headquarters and staff, and various diplomatic and political teams.

New game system

This version of the megagame also features a complete, ground-up, re-write of the military campaigning system which we think players will find innovative and challenging to play.



  • Crowned Heads of Europe and their courts
  • Military High Command
  • Military Army Command

Nationalities Involved

  • French
  • Austrian
  • Prussian
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • German States
  • English
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