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Megagame CLASH OF TITANS – Operation Barbarossa 1941

On 22nd June 1941, Adolf Hitler unleashed the might of the German Army on Soviet Russia. After having kept Stalin in the dark of their intentions, the Germans achieved complete strategic surprise. In a few weeks the Wehrmacht won a series of stunning victories that brought the Red Army to its knees. Almost…

Operation Barbarossa picks up the battle shortly after the German attack. Teams will represent the top commanders and their staffs on both sides. With turns spanning several weeks, the teams will have to plan ahead through different phases of the campaign, but also deal with crises and opportunities on the battlefield. After all, this is the age of Blitzkrieg.

Will the Soviets be able to improvise a defense from the wreckage of the border battles? How much of their precious armaments industry can they move to the east in time? And will the German be able to achieve their objectives within their logistical limitations before the coming of winter?

When & Where

The megagame Clash of Titans - Operation Barbarossa 1941 will take place on Saturday 26th of May in Activiteitencentrum Doddendaal in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Who & What

Player teams could include: Stavka, OKH/OKW/OKL, Leningrad Military District, Army Group North, Baltic Military District, Army Group Centre, Western Military District, Army Group South, Kiev Military District, Finnish High Command, Odessa Military District and Romanian High Command

Game roles

  • Army group teams: Commander, operations officer, communications officer
  • High Command: Chief of staff, air force commander, operations officer
  • Umpires: team liaison, map, high command/political, air

The game will involve a planning game for the German High Command team (OKH/OKW/OKL) in late April / early May. Players enlisting for these roles are asked to reserve time in this period for a meeting and writing of the plan. We will make sure you have a clear idea of what is required in the plan.

Registration and payment

Costs to participate in the game are 25€ for players and 12,50€ for umpires. You can enlist individually or as a group. To register, follow this link. We will try to fit players to their preferences where possible. Please find the details for payment here.


This game was designed by Mukul Patel and played before on several occassions in the United Kingdom. We would like to thank Mukul for kindly allowing us to use his design and for discussions on how to run it again.

For more information contact or follow us on twitter @megagamesnl or facebook

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