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The Raid System


Raids are part of the entertainment during Strategic turns, especially for the role players among the game participants as it is essential for raids to make a good story to indicate how and why this particular raid will be successful. Of course, a D6 die roll will be thrown to check for the raid's success and we have a system for resolving the success of raids, but remember that the key modifier of the raid result is the user story!

Initiating a raid and resolution

To initiate a raid, the raid party leader goes with his unit to the central map table and/or Urr surroundings map table (The latter might be more appropriate) and explains the raid/map umpire the what end how he want to perform the raid. He then throws a D6 and the umpire will determine the result of the raid based on the difficulty and the die role.

Raid targets

Raid parties are allowed to do any possible action but of course the chance on success is better for easier missions. Typical actions for raid teams are:

  • Body guard a key person
    • The dark prince and the grand necromancer both have a personal guard.
  • Guard the treasury
    • The long beards have the guard of the treasury.
  • Kill a player
    • Of course, the personal guards of the Dark Prince have been trained for this event.
  • Smuggle/steel/destroy/poison food/weapons
    • This is natural daily business for the Free Folk.
  • Attack trebuchets in the night
    • This is a mission Urr probably wants to happen.
  • Anti raid mission
    • A raid party can be used to protect certain objects against raid missions

Actually, there is no limit on this list so make sure to surprise your enemies and/or your raid umpire.

Anti raid missions

Anti raid missions will be checked before any other raid role. For them, a die role will be cast as for any other raid mission and, depending on the role, have a good chance to either stop another raiding mission or even destroy the raiding party.

An example

The gnomisch raid party disguises itself as sales people and sells their famous, steam enriched, wines causing a terrible hangover for the unit. The steam enriched wines of the gnomes are a famous delicacy, so chances for a success are good.

However, there is the chance that the gnome die role is a 1, which means they will be discovered and take a hit. On the other side there is the chance that the die role is a 6 which will make sure that the target unit will be ill for one week and loses 1 hit point.

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