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The Dark Empire

Far to the north of Urr, at about 4 week marches lies a human empire, the Dark Empire, more or less along the same mountain chain as the Metal Mountains. It is led by the Dark Emperor, who is rumored to be a strong magic user. He can wield vast resources and servants. Rumor has it that he can also employ Undead by means of Dark Forces.

The wellfare of the City and Vales of Urr has also reached the ears of the Dark Emperor, who has decided that Urr should become part of the Empire. He has granted his son, the Prince of Darkness, heir apparent to the Throne of Darkness, a part of the treasury to acquire mercenaries, equipment, supplies, etc. to mount a campaign against Urr and conquer it. Moreover, he has added a team of experts, some of which are magic users, to support the Prince of Darkness.

There are rumors, that the Prince of Darkness is already preparing for the attack. When he will actually strike, is unknown.

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