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This is the fourth (and probably last) update in a series of many. We will try and post one every other week in the upcoming period. As of today, May 6th, 53 participants have registered. If you are interested in the geographic spread of the participants, take a look at this link. We are still looking for more players, especially for the political game (We still need to fill the role of the Embassador of the United Kingdom and an adjudant to help the Tsar).

Andre Steenveld is now checking the game material (maps and counters) and all game handbooks and briefings have been sent by snail mail and should have reached you by now.

The game organisation will be present during the whole week in Braunfels. Look for us in the right side of the hall in Braunfels. Usually we setup our games on the tables close to the Chairman's corner. We will try to organise an umpire training at the start of the week (probably on Tuesday evening). If you want to participate (it can be a good player's training as well), please contact us.

I have put the preliminary casting on the website, so take a look. We hope to see you all on the 16th of May at the Master of Europe VI megagame in Braunfels, Germany.

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