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How to get there

Game Location

The game will be held at Wijkcentrum De Ark van Oost, Cipresstraat 154 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The location is indicated in the diagram of this Google maps link. There is a slight error in the map as the Wijkcentrum De Ark van Oost is a bit more uphill than shown in the google maps diagram.

Coming by car from the north or east

In this case you enter Nijmegen via the N325 and cross the (historic) Waalbridge. Follow the direction of Berg en Dal after crossing the bridge. As soon as you start going uphill, you are entering the map via the Berg en Dalseweg (top of the diagram).

Coming by car from the west via the A15

If you come from the west via the A15, follow it towards Kleef/Bemmel (and ignore directions Nijmegen), until you reach its last exit, where you leave it towards Nijmegen/Kleef via the N325. Then follow previous directions.

Coming by car from the northwest via the A12

Follow the A50 towards Nijmegen and then the A15 towards Kleef/Bemmel. See prevous directions.

Coming by car from the south via the A73

At junction Wychen, follow the A326 to your right towards Nijmegen (center). Continue for about 7 km (this road is called the Graafseweg), until you reach the Keizer Karel plein. Follow the direction of Groesbeek for 1200 meter, and turn left along the Koolemans Beynenstraat. Continue via the Van 't Sandtstraat. You are then entering the map on the left side.

Coming by car from the south-west via the A50

Turn to the right at junction Bankhoef towards Nijmegen via the A326. Then follow previous directions.

Coming by public transport

Travel to Nijmegen CS and take bus line 8 in the direction of Berg en Dal. Descend at busstop Hengstalseweg/Broerdijk. You are then at the roundabout near the Ark van Oost.

Parking near the Ark van Oost

The Ark van Oost is outside the Nijmegen tariff zone. Parking (with some exceptions) is therefore free of charge in the Hengstdal quarter.

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