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How to get there

Game Location

The game will be held at the Activiteitencentrum Doddendaal, Achter Valburg 2, Nijmegen, indicated in the diagram of this Google Maps link.

Coming by car from the north or east

In this case you enter Nijmegen via the N325 and cross the (historic) Waalbridge. Continue straight ahead along the N326 until you reach the central roundabout of Nijmegen, the Keizer Karel plein (notorious because traffic on the round-about has to give way). This is the round-about in the diagram.

Coming by car from the west via the A15

If you come from the west via the A15, follow it towards Kleef/Bemmel (and ignore directions Nijmegen), until you reach its last exit, where you leave it towards Nijmegen/Kleef via the N325. Then follow previous directions.

Coming by car from the northwest via the A12

Follow the A50 towards Nijmegen and then the A15 towards Kleef/Bemmel. See prevous directions.

Coming by car from the south via the A73

At junction Wychen, follow the A326 to your right towards Nijmegen (center). Continue for about 7 km (this road is already called the Graafseweg), until you reach the Keizer Karel plein.

Coming by car from the south-west via the A50

Turn to the right at junction Bankhoef towards Nijmegen via the A326. Then follow previous directions.

Coming by rail

Travel to Nijmegen CS, shown in the left of the diagram, and then walk to the Activiteitencentrum. It is only a 5 minutes walk.

Parking in Nijmegen

There are several options to park your car. There are a number of parking places available around the centre of Nijmegen. When you enter the centre, there are signs that indicate the nearest available ones and their current capacity. As the game starts early, it should not be that difficult to find a place. It may be that the parking place at the Nassaulaan (in the centre of the diagram) still has space available. However, check the closing time of the parking place with the time that you intend to leave. Some will already close at 19.00.

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