Upcoming Megagames

The following games are planned for the upcoming spring and early summer (Last update: 12th of December 2016):

Everybody Dies Harder – Based on the book 'A Song of Ice and Fire', players will represent the great houses as they battle for power, prestige and territory across WesterosBecky LadleyManchester 22 April
City of Shadows 2 – The megagame of crime, corruption and weird ScienceBrian Cameron
Jim Wallman
London13 May
French Invasion of Ireland, 1796 – a Napoleonic what if?RupertLeeds20 May
Operation Goodwood – The first battle for Caen, July 1944Jim WallmanBraunfels, Germany27 May
Barricades & Borders – A megagame of development and conflict in a 19th century worldBrian CameronLondon3 June
Urban Nightmare - State of Chaos – Introducing the first (so far as we know) multi-venue Wide Area MegagameJim WallmanLondon, Leeds,
Cambridge, Bristol,
Nijmegen, Brussels,
New York, Montreal
and maybe more
1 July
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