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 ===== Registration ===== ===== Registration =====
-Multifunctional Center Maldensteijn, Malden. This game is planned for the 2<sup>nd</sup> of July 2022.\\ +The registration is closed.
- +
-The cost to participate in the game is €20,-- for players and €10,-- for umpires. The game material will be distributed as pdfs by email. You can enlist individually or as a group. The Clan player teams will be Hojo, Miyoshi, Oda, Takeda, Uesugi, Mori and Imagawa. There will be two Warrior Monk player teams namely Enryaku-Ji and Hongan-Ji and one player team for the Bakufu. If there are really many registrations we can always add more Clan player teams. +
- +
-Read [[sengoku:introduction | Introduction]] for more information on the game.\\ +
- +
-==== Registration form ==== +
-<form> +
-Action mail +
-thanks "Thanks for registering for this game. We will contact you through email.+
- +
-Fieldset "Your information" +
-Textbox  "Name" +
-Email "Your E-Mail Address" +
- +
-fieldset "Your role" +
-select "Select a Role" "No preference|Umpire|Clan leader|Clan General|Clan Elder|Clan Heir|Clan Chamberlain|Abott|Senior Monk|Civil Servant" +
-select "Select a corresponding team" "No preference|Hojo|Miyoshi|Oda|Takeda|Uesugi|Mori|Imagawa|Enryaku-Ji|Hongan-Ji|Bakufu" +
-Textbox "Team name" ! +
-textarea "Other information"+
-submit "Register" +
- +
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