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 +====== Critique questionnaire ======
 +Online questionnaire for Sengoku.
 +Action mail
 +thanks "For helping us improving the games"
 +Fieldset "Information of the player"
 +Textbox Name
 +Select Team |Bakufu|Hojo|Imagawa|Mori|Myoshi|Oda|Takeda|Control
 +Select Role "|Chamberlain|Clan elder|Daimyo|Heir|Samurai|Taisho|Umpire"
 +Fieldset "general questions"
 +Select "Game Briefing Materials"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Rate of play"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Personal Involvement"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Personal Enjoyment"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Game Difficulty"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Historical Feel"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Quality of the control team"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Quality of the other Players"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Select "Admin charge"  |Bad|Poor|Sufficient|Good|"Very Good"
 +Fieldset "Historic knowledge"
 +Select Infoformation "|Briefing|Read the wiki page|Read a book|Several books|Studied the period"
 +Fieldset "Play"
 +Select "Would you replay the same game" |Yes|No
 +Select "Would you play a similar game" |Yes|No
 +Fieldset "More information"
 +textarea "Any other remarks"
 +submit "Submit Query"
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