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-As there were only 17 players (6 registered ​and 11 others certain to come), we have had to cancel the game. We do not know yet whether we can schedule ​the Sengoku ​megagame in the future.+===== This game has been cancelled ===== 
 +Dear registrees of and people interested in Sengoku Roku. At the moment of writing, Easter Monday, 28<​sup>​th</​sup>​ of March, we had only 8 registrees for Sengoku Roku. This is definitely too few, so we have decided ​to cancel the game and have deactivated the registrationIt would have been held on the 7<​sup>​th</​sup>​ of May at the GHS Hexacon in Braunfels, Germany.  
 +To avoid a cancellation for a megagame ​at the GHS Hexacon ​in next year, we will organise an enquiry to determine which megagames ​the members of the GHS would be interested in.
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